New Format for Blog Posts

In the past, I have updated the blog quite sporadically, usually to make a point that I felt particularly strongly about or highlight a paper I'd written. I'm trying to change that, because I think my blog can serve as a useful medium for promoting my ideas.

For the fall semester, I'm going to post every Thursday at 9 am. I've planned three types of posts.

  1. Highlight key findings from my working or forthcoming papers. As papers, work their way through the review process, I'll post updates as well.
  2. Some quick thoughts on a range of professionalization topics, such as writing, productivity, presentations, etc.
  3. An occasional longer post on a variety of topics.

I'm kicking things off with a post about presentations, just in time for APSA.

If you are interested, you can receive posts automatically by subscribing via RSS.

New WordPress Theme

I've recently redesigned my website and wanted to make all of the code available to others to borrow and/or modify as needed. The new design borrows heavily from Leo Babauta's Zen Habits blog, especially his archives page. You can find his theme available here, free to use and modify. My theme is here.

The formatting is similar to the old site, but I've gotten rid of the trashier elements, like social media buttons and comments. The site had become bulky and difficult to navigate, but I think it's a little nicer now.

You'll need to know a little bit about WordPress to make it work for your site, but if I can get it working, I'm sure you can too.

How to Create a System of Shorter URLs

I now own the domain and can use this shorter URL to easily direct students and colleagues to certain pages of For example, I might want students to have easy access to the course webpage or even a particular file. In this situation, I would like to ask my students to go to rather than asking them to navigate though my site or use Google to find the page. Below, I describe how I set up my system of generating short URLs to my pages. It has worked remarkably well so far, but required quite a bit of trial and a lot of error. (Click here to continue reading.)

Academic Blogs as Open Ideas

The Florida State Library is holding a symposium on scholarship in a digital age and the general theme is open scholarship. One of the components is a series of lightning talks for which they are now accepting proposals. I've wanted to do one of these short talks since I started watching the Ignite presentations and I am considering proposing a talk on "Blogs as Open Ideas." While considering shifting my blog from its old address to my own domain, I thought a lot about why blogging is important to me. I concluded that blogging matters because blogs are an important source of idea creation and criticism. I elaborate on this below and give some examples from my own blog. (Click here to continue reading.)

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