Rainey, Carlisle. N.d. "Arguing for a Negligible Effect." American Journal of Political Science. Forthcoming. [Project Page]


compactr: a set of functions that mimic base graphics but with more compact axis notation. [Project Page] [CRAN] [GitHub]

Under Review

Barrilleax, Charles and Carlisle Rainey. "The Politics of Need: Examining Governors' Decisions to Oppose the 'Obamacare' Medicaid Expansion." Revised and resubmitted to State Politics and Policy Quarterly.

Barabas, Jason, Jennifer Jerit, William Pollock, and Carlisle Rainey. "The Question(s) of Political Knowledge: A Temporal-Topical Framework." Revised and resubmitted to the American Political Science Review.

Rainey, Carlisle. "Compression and Conditional Effects." Revised and resubmitted to Political Science Research and Methods. [Project Page]

Clifford, Scott, Jennifer Jerit, and Carlisle Rainey. "Moral Concerns and Culture War Attitudes: Investigating the Influence of Elite Rhetoric." Invitation to revise and resubmit to Political Communication.

Rainey, Carlisle. "Strategic Mobilization: Why Disproportional Districts Increase Partisan Mobilization Efforts." Under review. [Project Page]

Rainey, Carlisle. "Does District Magnitude Matter: The Case of Taiwan." Under review.

"Unreliable Inferences about Unobservable Processes: A Critique of Partial Observability Models." With Robert Jackson. Under review. [Paper, Code, and Data on GitHub]

Working Papers

"Modeling Misreports of Vote Choice: A Comparison of Alternative Approaches." With Robert Jackson.

On-Going Projects

"Arguing for Meaningful Effects"

"An Alternative to the Heteroskedastic Ordered Probit"

"Assessing Uncertainty Under Separation in Logistic Regression Models"

"Generalizing Experimental Treatment Effects"