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Working Papers

  • Power Rules: Practical Statistical Power Calculations

    May 27, 2024. Carlisle Rainey. In-progress.
    An early draft of a paper on understanding and computing statistical power for applied researchers.

  • Use and Misuse of a Fast Approximation: Not a Criticism, but a Caution

    Apr 19, 2024. Carlisle Rainey. Working paper.
    A commentary on Replication value as a function of citation impact and sample size in Meta-Psychology

  • The Data Availability Policies of Political Science Journals

    Feb 15, 2024. Carlisle Rainey, Harley Roe. Working paper.
    Preprint Dataverse

  • Data and Code Availability in Political Science Publications from 1995 to 2022

    Jan 21, 2024. Carlisle Rainey, Harley Roe, Qing Wang, Hao Zhou. Working paper.
    Preprint Dataverse

  • Overt Consequences of Covert Actions: Success, Failure, and Voters’ Preferences for Legislative Oversight

    Jan 8, 2024. Caroline Robbins, Alessandro Brunelli, José Castro, Ainsley Coty, Andrew Louis, Bryanna Major, María Alemán Martínez, Yadianis Lara Ojeda, Larissa Pontes, Elke Schumacher, Omer Turkomer, Luzmi Valenzuela, Valeria Veras, Carlisle Rainey. Working paper.
    Preprint OSF Preregistration

  • The Dissent Score: Using Events Data to Measure Dissent

    Dec 23, 2023. Carlisle Rainey, Harley Roe, Qing Wang, Nick Dietrich. Working paper.
    Project Website Preprint
    The dissent score data set is available on Dataverse.

  • Generational Differences in Abortion Attitudes in the United States: Will Dobbs v. Jackson Become Starkly Counter-Majoritarian?

    Oct 13, 2023. Carlisle Rainey, Robert Jackson. Working paper.
    Preprint Dataverse

  • Generation Effects on Americans' Symbolic Ideology and Attitudes Toward the Economic Role of Government

    Aug 2, 2023. Robert Jackson, Carlisle Rainey. Working paper.

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  • Estimators for Topic-Sampling Designs

    May 13, 2024. Scott Clifford, Carlisle Rainey. Forthcoming at Political Analysis.
    Open Access Preprint

  • The Limits (and Strengths) of Single-Topic Experiments

    Mar 20, 2024. Scott Clifford, Carlisle Rainey. Conditionally accepted at Political Analysis.

  • Generalizing Survey Experiments Using Topic Sampling: An Application to Party Cues

    Mar 26, 2023. Scott Clifford, Thomas Leeper, Carlisle Rainey. Forthcoming at Political Behavior.
    PDF Publisher's Version Dataverse

  • A Careful Consideration of CLARIFY: Simulation-Induced Bias in Point Estimates of Quantities of Interest

    Mar 26, 2023. Carlisle Rainey. Forthcoming at Political Science Research and Methods.
    Errata PDF Open Access Dataverse GitHub

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Published Papers

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